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Venice is a beautiful floating city. It is built in the place where it is the least likely to build a city - water, the waterways of the river, the clear waves of the flow, she is like a romantic dream floating on the blue waves, poetry and painting for a long time Do not go.

Venice is a beautiful floating city. It is built in the place where it is the least likely to build a city - water, the waterways of the river, the clear waves of the flow, she is like a romantic dream floating on the blue waves, poetry and painting for a long time Do not go. The series is 68 aluminum-clad wood doors and windows, frame fan flush, aluminum seamless welding, hidden hardware, dark drainage system, 18mm hollow molecular sieve, super configuration to ensure the function of wooden doors and windows, the look is gorgeous and not unassuming, Shen Wenzhong reveals fashion and is the first choice for fashionistas who pursue quality life.

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