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Our story -- Awakening the art of living from a wooden windows

On August 30, 2001, WIND traveled from Europe to the east of the world, spanning more than 10,000 kilometers. With a full set of Italian professional door and window production equipment and its technology and software system, it inherits the innate craftsmanship in China with pure Italian craftsmanship. Spirit, the combination of "humanity design + precision technology", developed 40 series of pure solid wood, aluminum-clad wood, copper-clad wood and wood cable, sun room, etc. to meet the needs of Chinese customers, the annual production capacity of wooden windows reached 250,000 square meters. It has become a high-grade wooden door and window processing enterprise with a wide range of products in the domestic wooden window industry.

SINCE 2001

20 years of wood doors and windows industry's persistence and experience, WIND in the process of adhering to the quality, naturally formed a brand, we are willing to grow together with the industry's various partners, gathering dreams, with a broader perspective, to trace the possible window industry future.

Think of the company as a business and use the quality to gain market recognition. WIND has engineering projects in East China, Central China, North China and South China. More than 40 dealers are located throughout the country. At the same time, the products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Canada, the Philippines and other countries, and are recognized and welcomed by overseas markets.


WIND was formally established, introducing a full set of Italian production equipment and processes, and began to develop door and window systems.


R & D and production of multiple categories of door and window products, more than 20 series.


Granville Shield brand fully into the domestic market, and efforts to carry out the store franchise model.


Actively participate in authoritative exhibitions, integrate high-end door and window resources around the world, and create high-quality doors and windows.


Won the "Top Ten Enterprises" in the national energy-saving wooden window industry.


Full force, product performance upgrade again, VI / SI comprehensive upgrade and improve the image of the store planning.


WIND passive window has obtained German PHI international certification.


Granville Shield brand investment to carry out training sessions, officially entered the home improvement market, a comprehensive interpretation of doors and windows business model, creating a new franchise model.

Brand memorabilia

Italian craftsmanship, style + Chinese culture, aesthetics

Don't forget your heart, you have to always. Since its establishment, WIND has been using excellent Italian production equipment, strictly controlling the process according to the EU standards, highlighting the simple and elegant texture of Italian products, and combining various Chinese cultures to launch a variety of customized doors and windows. Streams converge into rivers and seas, spark can start a prairie fire, Granville shield look forward to joining, quality products and services together to provide security for the people to guard.